Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maintain Commitment to Love

Getting married is a happiness. Married require a physical and psychological preparation. married also must be based on genuine affection. Married a noble way of meeting the needs of the individual will live partner. When the couple decided to commit to marry, they have a duty and responsibility of the same, in partnership to keep harmonious relationships throughout his life. The husband and wife (couples) have the same stake in promoting mutual respect, trust, passion, romance, intimacy to keep and maintain a lifelong commitment.

Family Psychologist and Marriage, Ruth Ibrahim said everyone needs life partner. Relationships are created when the noble and the couple agreed commitments, with a sense of respect, trust and have a love triangle. Sternberg says couples need passion, intimacy and commitment.

To that end, said Ruth, couples need to have love, priorities, and communication. "Passion can fade, so there was no intimacy. For example, did not feel anything at the moment see the husband, or when he heard his wife's name is called, when it's like this is difficult to keep the commitment. Moreover, with limited time to build relationships," said Ruth as a talk on the sidelines of the launch of the campaign "Sariwangi joy, warm your evening!" In Jakarta, Wednesday (02/01/2012).

Do not underestimate the communication
One way to encourage the return of a relationship like this (the loss of passion and intimacy), is a romance. How, you and he should try to recreate the romance in this relationship. Presenting love in a relationship should be assisted with communications and make your partner a priority.

"Communication" is important to keep the romance, because we are not being telepathic. Love must be disclosed to create romance. And make it your priority is your own true partner, "suggested Ruth.

Couples communication linkage is built from the heart, a disconnected conversation, relaxed atmosphere which was created together. All these things need to be pursued by you and him. Although busy, spend some time together to foster togetherness, romance and intimacy is what ultimately strengthen the couples relationship commitment. "With intimqasi, relationships will be more solid and stronger," explains Ruth said, as the tip of the spear tal communication must always be verbal but also with body language.

According ratih, communication with a partner can be done anytime. During the morning in the midst of undergoing routine tasks and prepared at home and at work, effective communication can be done to maintain intimacy. Just to say "I Love You" to the couple while getting ready for work, for example. More communication can lead to romantic couples do at night before bed. Although tired after the move, a time when alone at night. "Warm atmosphere with a glass of hot chocolate or tea, to start creating intimacy," he advised.

Variety of ways you can choose to maintain the quality of couples relationships. The key, awareness and a strong desire from within, both the husband and wife, to seek communication, intimacy, and ultimately strengthen our commitment to lasting and harmonious marriage for years.

Hopefully this article can be useful for readers, especially those who are preparing the ship sailed marriage, so as not to wander blindly in the middle of the road. Aamiin.