Saturday, March 17, 2012

Choosing The Right Partner In love

Choosing a partner is not an easy thing, because it takes patience for it. In choosing a partner in life, both for men and women both have the right to choose the most appropriate as a partner.

However, other meanings such as compatibility, also a meaning that can not be denied, thus the process of choosing it can be done by men and women. On the other hand that choosing a life partner by considering the various sides, provided that the reasonable considerations as well as Islamic, representation is a necessity of life and the freedom of God which He bestowed to every human being, including in choosing a husband or wife. Ayesha Ra said, "Marriage is essentially slavery, then he should see where his honor will be placed"
Prophet also said, "He who match his honor with the wicked man he had cut her womb" (Reported by Ibn Hibban). The Prophet also gave consideration to a sahabiyah who came to him as he asked for consideration of the two people who would propose, then the Prophet said, "Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan As he was very light hand (aka easy to hit), while the other is that poor people do not have a lot of treasure. "Then the Prophet married her with Zaid bin Harithah.

And to strengthen the selection, especially of the various alternatives should perform well istikhorah prayers at midnight and in the beginning, and do it many times. If it had done so many times that there is consistency that Insha Allah is His guidance, and that more followed. But remember, that the information is dominant in a person is often more influential on istikhorah, therefore it needs to be done many times. And to distinguish whether it is the dominant decision or domination istikharah tastes just a little hard, but with many times, though one of the signs that it is the guidance of Allah is dimudahkannya affairs, but it is not the only absolute addresses.

Hopefully this article can be useful, especially for those readers who are in the process of finding her soul mate.  Aamiin Ya Robbal Alamin.

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