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How To Be The Happy Couple?

Any married couples must have longed for a partner who is happy / Happy Couple. Is not it??. Couples who are happy to know that the real relationship begins when the honeymoon period is over. Unless you keep the garden of love, the beauty will fade and die.

Therefore, keep your love park in order to create harmonious household and you'll get a beauty in home life. You can try the following 10 tips are a happily married couple:

A. Leaving Sleep Together.
The move may seem trivial, perhaps even escaped your attention. But according to Dr. Mark Goulston in the book The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship, it is one key to happiness of husband and wife. Sure it's easy, but sometimes it is hard to do. Goulston advise you to always remember the early days of marriage. At that time, did you not wait to be alone in bed?. According to him, the happy couple refused to go to bed alone. If it gets built it together was not a problem. So even during a fight. Get used to it goes to sleep together though did not speak. Try to keep your hands or feet touched. And avoid the back-ridge, because it will keep you both.

2. Equate interest.
Do not downplay the activities you can do with your partner. If you do not have, according to Goulston, happy couples are usually working on it. But at the same time, still maintain your personal interest. That way you will be more like your partner without becoming dependent.

3. Hand in the street.
The happy couple will feel comfortable holding hands or walking side by side, rather than the one in front, one behind the looking back. It was indeed strange to the unusual. Awkward indeed, you may be ashamed to show affection in public. For that alone tepis shame, yet he is your lawful spouse. Try it!. Once you are definitely going to try transmissivity. And feel the sensation. Your heart feels both more closely.

4. Find the Positive Side.
Goulston advise you not to find fault with your partner. Concentrate on what it does is right, not on the wrong. It is easy for you to find things wrong that he did. You also can always find the same thing is true. If both of them easy, why do not you find the right thing. Because it will help you build a harmonious household. Goulston said, the happy couple prefers the positive side.

5. Forgive each other
That's also part you should look. Households with no confidence, the same as climbing disaster. So, create trust and forgiveness as a standard grip in your relationship. Goulston said, if the happy couple quarrel or disagree, and could not finish, they will give priority to trust and forgive one another, rather than mistrust and without mercy. "The security talks about inner peace. A husband can feel it when he knew her to trust him and his commitment to their marriage, "said David and Teresa Ferguson in his book * More Than Married *. While a sense of security that may be perceived wife, when her husband came to help him out of fear through words of encouragement that calm and loving. Commitment to a partner can be communicated through the support of true and sincere praise.

6. Hugging each other.
Embrace each other as soon as the meeting after work. Our skin, he said. Goulston, have a memory about 'good touch' (love), 'bad touch' (harassment) and the 'no touch' (denial). The couple who met while maintaining memory means immediately hugged her skin with 'good touch' and gives warmth.

7. Said Love.
Do not hesitate to say love in your partner. Express it, "I love you" or other form of attention, for example by saying, "Okay yes" in the morning. That is a great way to get the patience and tolerance to face the outside world are irregular and chaotic. In addition, to convince your partner that you love him, also a form of attention.

8. Say Salam.
One more word that is sometimes forgotten is the greeting you at bedtime. Say "Good night darling" every night before bed. Even be more impressive if coupled with a kiss. It should be a routine you do every night, whatever your condition. No matter how you feel. By Goulston, it will remind your partner that no matter how angry you still want to be with. That is, what you both have more significant than the fury of the day.

9. Reading the Heart.
Read your partner's weather at any time. Try to talk to him on the sidelines of busy work, so you can adjust to the mood after the meeting. Of course it is to avoid conflicts that might occur. It hurt, resentment, and needs that can not be fulfilled, are things that are inevitable in any close relationship. Even after the honeymoon, things that happen in everyday life can bring-aggravation aggravation. Yes, marriage is not perfect two persons who are determined to be in the proximity of a permanent one. Naturally, if the conflict arises. David and Teresa Ferguson in his book * More Than Married * say do not ever think that could have an intimate relationship without conflict. But the true conflict resolution efforts to increase intimacy and bring peace in the marriage. Why?, "Because it makes the husband and wife both feel safe," they said.

10. Together proud.
You should feel proud to be seen with your partner. That would be her happiest. Happy happy couples together. According Goulston is usually indicated by the touch of a sign of affection between them. For example, holding hands, hug, hug, caress. "It's not like showing off, but just wanted to say that they have each other," he said.

Hopefully this article can be useful for readers who already have a loyal partner / married and also add insight to the readers who will enter the gates of marriage. Hopefully happy and lasting always. Aamiin.

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